Harp Gathering

    The St. Andrew's Society of Los Angeles proudly presents

8th Annual West Coast Harp Gathering

The Harp Glen is located about half way down Clan Row, between the Alex Beaton Stage and Fiddlers Hall, right across the street from "The Greenhouse." Click here to see its location on our fairgounds map.

The Seaside Highland Games will again host this very special Harp Gathering October 13 and 14, 2018. Sponsored by the St. Andrew's Society of Los Angeles, the event will provide a detailed history of harp development from the earliest times, its adoption by the ancient Gaels, and the important role it played in bardic history.

In addition to shedding light on the fabulous and rich history of the harp this event will showcase actual harps, and the elaborate method of construction that results in what many say is the one of the most intensely pleasurable musical instruments, both to play and to hear.

There will, of course, be accomplished harpers, led by Harp Glen music director and internationally acclaimed harpist Carolyn Sykes, will play a variety of traditional Celtic music and more modern tunes to demonstrate the versatility of the harp. Younger harpers will have the opportunity to learn from recognized professionals who will provide feedback is areas such as expression, technical ability, and interpretation.

If all this motivates you to try playing the harp yourself there will be harpers on hand to show you the basic skills of plucking the strings and making music. And, if you already have some skill and would like to volunteer to assist and/or participate in the Glen, we will place a link to the registration form here when it becomes available.

Here are some highlights of activities here at the Glen.

• Harp Ensemble performance of harp players of all levels.

• Solo Harp Performances by professional harpers.

• Harp Ring where harp players will share tunes and stories.

• Harp "Petting Zoo" where the general public can actually sit behind a harp and try their hand.

The St. Andrew's Society of Los Angeles is pleased to sponsor Harp Glen and collaborate with Seaside Highland Games in showcasing this entertaining and educational Harp Gathering.

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