Children's Glen


is a term in the Scots Gaelic language that means "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes" and we want you to feel very welcome to enter and enjoy the Children's Glen at our Seaside Games

Bonny wee calves from real Heeland Coo's!
(Highland cows)

There are so many fun things to do and activities to experience that you will enjoy every minute of your visit. Games for very young children all the way up to your very own version of the athletic contests the Scottish Heavy Athletes of old and of today perform.

The wee ones will enjoy old-fashioned three-legged races and a castle beanbag toss to actually building castles from colorful handmade blocks. Learn about the bagpipes, and a Scottish dance step or two! Try your hand at weaving, and even an archaeological dig for Scottish treasure!

Athletics scaled to your age and size include "putting" the stone, tossing the haggis and "turning" the exciting "mini-telephone pole" called a caber-to testing your skills at the unique sport of sheaf tossing.

Your parents might want to take advantage of the fingerprinting ID program. Then, as you leave the Glen to experience other Games venues, be sure to take your Clan Passport and get it stamped for a cool Scottish coloring book as you visit the many Clans of Scotland on your trek down Clan Row-and beyond.

Lovely Lassies

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