Friday Evening Festivities

For an entertaining headstart to the games why not attend one or both of these two traditional activities Friday preceding the official opening of the games? That is . . . Friday, October 12, 2018

Whisky Tasting
    Whisky and water

A wee dram

5:00 pm Whisky Tasting - $30.00

An excellent beginning to an evening of food, fun, and entertainment is the opportunity to learn about and taste a variety of fine
whiskys. We may not be serving our uisge in crystal or glass, but we'll be serving it nonetheless.

Meet us at the appointed hour at the Alexandra Room of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel for the camaraderie attending an appreciation of our national beverage. Slainte!

Whisky Tasting
Lassies in matching Tartan

A Scottish Evening including buffet dinner, entertainment and fashion show

6:30 pm (Buffet line begins) - $40.00

How do we wear the tartan? Let us count the ways.  Join us for a sumptuous meal followed by handsome lads and lassies displaying both modern and ancient attire symbolizing the character and soul that is Scotland.  With interludes of traditional and current scottish music you'll be sure to enjoy the company of long time and newly formed friendships.

Woo hoo! Tickets are available.  Click here for Friday night tickets to go to the Advance Ticket Form to order them.

See you in and around the Grand Ballroom at Four Points Sheraton Hotel!

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