Seaside Scottish Fiddle Competition

After a short hiatus, we are pleased to announce the return of the Seaside Scottish Fiddle Competition! This extraordinary event is judged by three-time U.S. Scottish fiddle champion Colyn C. Fischer and stewarded by accomplished pianist Shauna Pickett-Gordon. The competition is fostered by Scottish F.I.R.E., the North American association for the preservation and promotion of Scottish fiddling in all its regional variations. Scottish F.I.R.E. sanctions all judges for its competitions, and the adjudications follow the association's standards for authentic Scottish fiddle performance. The first-place winners of the Junior and Open classes are eligible to go on to the National competition. Even if you don't compete, come to the Fiddle Competition Barn to share the excitement as our dedicated contestants go for top prizes in Novice, Junior, and Open classes!

The competition is open to anyone who wishes to compete and prizes and trophies will be awarded for all skill categories and ages! Under the auspices of F.I.R.E. (Scottish Fiddling Revival, Ltd.) the event is recognized by the national F.I.R.E. organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Scottish fiddling throughout the U.S. You might even catch a glimpse of the Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles. They'll be at the games and in all liklihood will be competing also.

As the 2019 games approach, we will be posting the F.I.R.E. regulations, the specific registration form, and schedule of events.

Sunday, Oct 13, 2019

Actual activity schedule will be posted as soon as it is devised

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