The Gathering of the Clans

What happened to the clans?

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The Clan system of government, though in place since the fifth century A.D., appeared to have achieved its most historical publicity in the mid-eighteenth century. This was the period of time that notes them, more or less, at their zenith and at their demise.

There are clans that claim ancestry back to Niall of the Nine Hostages (High King of Ireland) and others that claim descent from Kenneth MacAlpine, first King of the Scots, in the ninth century. There are a few clans that claim to authenticate their lineage to the eleventh century but most cannot reliably trace their line to before the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Today in North America, the clan societies are enjoying a revival at Scottish Gatherings & Games. Stop by and find out with which clan your family is affiliated. The representatives of the Clans and Societies gathered here are for your benefit. They welcome any questions you may have regarding families, names, Scotland, Scottish life and culture.

And after you learn of your Clan affiliation you can use the "Clan Map" above to see the region of Scotland from which your clan hails. When you click on the name of your clan or enter it in the "search" field, you'll be presented with a brief synopsis of the Can along with its official Tartan! We heartily thank the Clan Lochcarron for graciously allowing us the use of this wonderful tool.

Click here to see a list of the Clans of Scotland and those that have attended previous Games and are expected to attend this year. Clan web sites are included where available.

Clans wishing to join us at the 2019 games may submit an application for a tent space located along the central road of the event - Clan Row. The official application form is now available on the Forms page for you to download, complete, and return to us. We hope to see you here in 2018!

  Click Here to download a Clan Application Form (in .pdf format).

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