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and Coveted Tartan Surfboard Award Winner

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The motorcars of the the Central Coast British Car Club

Austin-Healey                    Triumph TR-3
Austin-Healey                                Triumph TR-3

Stroll among the classics and travel with us to the Isles pondering the joys of motoring through the wetlands and highlands of Britain. Recall the joy of feeling the wind in your face, the firm steering wheel in your hands and the power beneath the bonnet of your British Motor Car. Did you own one as so many of us have?

Classic Jaguar                    Morris Convertible
Classic Jaguar                                   Morris Convertible

The Coveted Tartan Surfboard Award

Each year, in July, the Central Coast British Car Club holds a classic and vintage British car show. At that event one car considered to be unique and exceptional in its class is selected for the "Coveted Tartan Surfboard Award." The Automobile holds the place of honor at the Games at the head of the stable of British cars on display.

In 2018, that automobile was the pristine 1952 ALVIS TB 21 Sports Tourer..


For more pictures of the winner along with those of past winners please Click Here.

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