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August 28, 2018

The Seaside Games are not strangers to having some very special guests in attendance. Last year, you will recall, included a couple of excellent Clan Chiefs--Donald MacLaren of MacLaren, Chief of Clan MacLaren, and until recently Convenor of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, and Dr. John Ruairidh Morrison, Chief of Clan Morrison. Dr. Morrison's brother, Andrew W. R. Morrison (known in his official capacity as Viscount Dunrossil) also attended. Viscount Dunrossil is Chairman of the Society of Scottish Armigers, no less! They were all very well received.

Well, this year will be no exception. Through the efforts of the St. Andrew's Society of Los Angeles and their President, Ian J. Skone-Rees (the St. Andrew's Society have recently become very large and very special sponsors of the Seaside Games, by the way), this year's attendees will include the Scottish Counsellor for North America, Ms Joni Smith and two of her colleagues. Ms Smith is headquartered in Washington D.C. and, it seems, is most eager to establish a good working relationship with us western types! Please drop by and say hello at any of the weekend events beginning with Friday's Whisky Tasting and A Scottish Evening events and right through Saturday and Sunday on the Fairgrounds.

Thanks and see you in October!





July 1, 2018

Is it JULY already? Yep, and we are a short three months from this year's Seaside Games. Never fear, however--plans are underway and have been for several months and the Games this October 13 & 14 are expected to be the best ever! Count on it!

But wait, you say--didn't I hear that you and Miss Nellie had retired? You heard correctly. Nellie and I presented our resignations to the Board of Directors at the Seaside AGM back in March and they were accepted. The Board accepted them. And they immediately elected new officers to run the Games--with the proviso, however, that I retain the title of Chief and that Nellie continue as Treasurer for the immediate future. Mine is a bit of an honorary title but Nellie's Treasurer's job is very large and complex and not just something to hand off and step aside! It will take a very special someone--or several someones--to take over all those complicated duties she currently balances. So . . . who runs the Games now, you ask? Fair question, so here they are:

The new President is our son Bill Lowry (CEO), George Mitchell is Vice President and our daughter Pamela Lowry-Marbell wears a number of hats and, I believe, fills the role of COO. Linda Graham will continue as Secretary to the Board. You may have heard that our legal counselor Bob Ferguson tragically passed away this spring. So, as you can see, we are in the market for a couple of highly talented people--one (or more) to fill the Treasurer's position and a fine legal mind to serve as our Games attorney. . . . pro bono! The pro bono is very important as we have zero budget to set aside as a retainer for this legal eagle (and we, honestly, have very little call on such person). Bob and I consulted by phone on a couple of occasions in the years he filled the position. So let us know if you have some likely prospects to fill these important shoes.

A point here is that the Seaside Highland Games are NOT a Lowry Family enterprise. Anyone could have been elected to these positions but the names you see above were chosen because of their interest and dedication toward seeing the Games continue to succeed and go forward.

Pam has worked very hard this spring to bring together the very best bands and entertainers for your enjoyment on our four stages. Check elsewhere in this website to see exactly who will be joining us this year. The US Marine Band will, sadly, not be among them. Costs, complications and band calendar assignments have made a Seaside visit impossible. But, there will be good music galore and enough kilts to sink the Titanic (if that was not already accomplished, that is)!

Of course, Friday's activities will kick off the weekend in fine style. Our THREE Scotch Malt Whisky suppliers are eager to pour the drams at our 5 PM Whisky Tasting. Make sure you order your tickets or plan to pick them up at the door--either way will work! Then, the Grand "A Scottish Evening" affair will dazzle you with good food, music and our unique Scottish Fashion Show. Our young and not-so-young models will show off the latest tartan creations, many of which can be purchased from our Vendors over the weekend. These very select Vendors always surprise us with new and creative items they bring for you to see. . . . and to take home!

The athletes, the dancers and the many Clans and Societies will all be vying for your attention. Maybe attending both Saturday and Sunday is the only way to pack it all in! Saturday's Opening Ceremonies and Grand Parade is a dazzling show in itself. And the closings on both days are special and emotional as prizes and trophies are awarded.

Tickets and Sponsor Forms are, likewise, available here as well. Prices are the same as they have been--for now--so make your plans to join us in October! Haste ye noo!!




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