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August 28, 2019

Looong overdue update on the 2019 Seaside Games as in WHY SHOULD I ATTEND THIS YEAR? Well, I'll tell you why in a word: SEVEN NATIONS! OK, that's two words, BUT they are important words if you like good music. Here's a little of what the SEVEN NATIONS' bio says about them:

The story of SEVEN NATIONS is that of a truly original and determined band based in Orlando, Florida. They have for years booked their own tours, have their own PBS and CNN specials, and use bagpipes the way Jimmy Page uses his guitar. Throw away any preconceived notions you may have about kilts and Celtic music; this is a band that has invented its own sound and attracted a prodigious national and international following. Through its dynamic live performances, SEVEN NATIONS has become one of the fastest growing live acts nationwide, melding piano, guitar and vocal elements of American pop and rock with Highland bagpipes and fiddle. The result is a high-energy performance that has fans jumping out of their seats, and has sparked interest industry-wide. SEVEN NATIONS has created a truly hybrid sound and transient live show. The depth and complexity of SEVEN NATIONS? music is astounding, each listen reveals a deeper layer of intricacy that has been embraced by an ever growing audience. "We are lucky," says Kirk McLeod, lead singer/songwriter and founding member of the band, "because we come from two unique cultures. We love American pop and rock and roll, but we also love our Celtic roots. We want to touch everybody with our music," he continues, "and so far, we have been very, very fortunate."

So, yes, we are very fortunate to present this fine band for your enjoyment this year, as well as other excellent entertainers including your favorites SLIGO RAGS fresh from their many appearances at the DISNEY Entertainment Parks. If SEVEN NATIONS can blend rock & roll with Celtic, then SLIGO RAGS can easily meld Celtic and Cajun music into a very pleasant mix!

And, if you had to extract the heart of the band HIGHLAND WAY, you would surely have superb lead singer Brian Caldwell and fine fiddler Paul Graham Castellanos which is exactly what Pam has done! Look for these two holding forth on the Alex Beaton Stage with Sligo Rags all weekend.

So much other fine entertainment from the new to the tried and true! Come and enjoy!!

pipes and drums, fifes and drums, athletes, food and bev (oh yes, there WILL be haggis on hand) and those adorable herding dogs will amaze and amuse once again! Much more! Make sure to come on out. October 12 & 13 on the Ventura County Fairgrounds.






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