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Looking back at the history of athletic competition in "Auld Scotia"--ancient Scotland--the early reasons for holding these gatherings served a number of purposes. Emulating the many tasks necessary for successful foraging and excursion, the various "games" helped to hone the skills of the men who would one day be called upon to perform similar feats in time of battle. The winners of these competitions were often chosen to perform special duties such as protecting the chieftain or given places of honor. Nowadays, they are an opportunity to gather among friends to enjoy the camaraderie of athletics, music, food and all things Scottish.

If you would like to participate in the fun and excitement of these various athletic activities, you can easily do so by completing the application available at the Scottish American Athletic Association (SAAA) website.

This will assure your place at the Games competition among the numbers to be accommodated in each class (and it gives you a bit of an idea of the rules governing these competitions). We look forward to seeing you on the grounds!

Athletic competitions at the Seaside Games will continue to be subject to SAAA rules and regulations.

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       Throwing the Weights

Throwing the Weights
There are two separate competitions here: 1) Throwing what amounts to a 50 lb. anvil with a ring-handle up, over your head, and back over a high bar; and 2) Throwing a heavy ball attached to a chain by spinning and letting loose - similar to discus throwing but with the ball and chain.

Putting the Stone

Putting the Stone
Known by many as the "Shot put" this event tests an individual's ability to throw a really heavy rock (up to 26 lbs.!) from a stationary standing position. The inability to actually "wind up" or otherwise gain momentum requires that the stone be thrust outward directly from a position alonside the chin.

Hammer Throwing

Hammer Throwing
Imagine holding a sledge hammer while you're standing still. Then think of lifting it and spinning it over your head (as with a lasso before throwng it but with both hands) faster and faster until you let go to see how far it sails. Now THAT is throwing the Hammer.

Sheaf Toss

Sheaf Toss
Anyone for feeding the livestock? This event requires the participant to pick up a 50 lb sack of hay with a pitch fork and toss it to the top of the " loft." The higher the toss the better the participant.

Tossing the Caber

Tossing the Caber
Perhaps the most famous of the Scottish Heavy Athletics events, Tossing the caber has become synonymous with Scottish athletics. Here you pick up a log (up to 18 ft long) by one end, balance it straight up, run, and attempt to toss it end over end in a straight line and for distance. Yeah, right!

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