2016 Drum Major and Pipe Band Awards

Drum Majors

Regimental Contest

     1)   David Melton

     2)  Craig Stevens

     3)  Steve Combs

Adult Drum Majors

     1)  Chris Cortez

     2)  Colleen Wilson

     3)  David Melton

Juveniles contest not held.

Ben Misch March and Deportment Award (First Year):     U.C. Riverside Pipe Band

Pipe Bands

     Grades 3 and 4:      No competition this year.

     Grade 5 Aggregate (the Jason Armstrong Memorial Award):     U.C. Riverside Pipe Band

     Grade 5 March/Slow March/March     U.C. Riverside Pipe Band

     Grade 5 QMM:     U. C. Riverside Pipe Band

     Timed Medley Contest, Grade 3:     Pasadena Scots Pipe Band